Posted by: trees143 | January 12, 2008

Fortuitous Accident.

Sometimes a photo finds the camera. This was one of those moments.




  1. That’s absolutely stunning! What is it?

  2. oh MY!

  3. Ooo…a kaleidoscopic landscape!

    It looks like silk or meringue or sand dunes through a prism…

  4. Wow! Otherworldly. I half expect to see sprites among the leaves.

  5. Just beautiful. Truly seen with a photographer’s eye.

  6. Thank you everyone – I meant to come back sooner and check this but got sick and have been laid low for the last few days. So, the secret to this one is that there was a sheet of aluminum foil close to what I was photographing and as I was moving my camera I caught it in my viewfinder. It was a beautiful accident.

  7. Hi! I still like the one with the shell and the black background the best:) Good to see you!

  8. Totally trippy. Then again, you knew that.

    Say, my youngest noticed that our supposedly “Jerry Garcia” ice cream scoop isn’t missing a finger. Why say that? Umm. I guess to indicate that me saying “trippy” is intended as a compliment. Plus, I thought it was funny.

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