Posted by: trees143 | January 23, 2008

The Puppy Diaries – Installment Two

Just moving these over from another place so that the more recent ones will make sense.

It has been 7 days since I put up the first installment and Bogart seems to have grown tremendously since then. He is now 8 weeks and a few days old. At the moment he is looking a bit skinny which we are hoping is just the result of this growth spurt. He goes to the vet tomorrow for his well puppy visit and will get wormed again as well as receiving his second set of shots. He certainly has a voracious appetite and is eating more than is recommended for his age and size. Also he is very alert and playful so we are not too worried about the state of his health.

Life has been pretty hectic around here. This weekend we had visitors which included a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Of course they adored the puppy but we had to limit the interaction to short bouts of play. He is still so young and needs his regular naps. One dog that really had the opportunity to shine was Sadie, our recent shelter rescue. We had no idea how she would respond to children and were pleasantly surprised to find that she is quite calm and forgiving, even if a toddler is pulling too hard on her fur.

Sadie has shown us that she is not only good with kids but is also great with puppies. Bogart is getting supervised time with the other dogs now. Sadie wrestles with him and understands that he is smaller and younger so she often rolls on her back and lets him jump all over. It is so heartwarming to watch this dog who had been foresaken by her previous owner show that she is a really special girl.

Of course, there are some photos but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to take them daily as I’d hoped. On Saturday we did a photo shoot in the yard which resulted in the two photos I most recently posted as well as the ones I will include here.

We fashioned a toy for him from an old tie down and twisted rope toy. He loves it and hunts it fiercely when outside.

Bogie has learned to make it up the two stairs leading to the deck, especially when he is on the prowl after his toy.

He does make some funny faces.

And he loves to explore.

Occasionally he plays a game of “chase my tail” though there isn’t much there to catch.

His favorite game though is tug-of-war.

We think he is imagining that he is big fierce dog taking down his prey.

Ultimately though he is still a little guy who needs help if he wants to get up on the couch on the back porch when he’s ready to rest.

I wish this photo had come out better. I took it tonight and it shows so well how wonderfully Sadie plays with Bogie. We are so proud of that girl.

Right now everybody is sleeping and most likely they will be quiet for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow will bring more opportunities for play and hopefully I will be close by with the camera.



  1. Just had to stop by to get another look at the boy before I leave town. He’ll be much bigger when I return, I’m sure.

  2. What a cute face. He looks like a very playful pup, but one that has done his share of growing in the past six weeks!

  3. Just found out about your blog and I just can’t stop reading lol.

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