Posted by: trees143 | May 1, 2008

The Beauty of Iris

There are Iris in bloom outside my front door. These were shipped all the way to Arkansas from my parent’s garden in Queens, NY. I planted them in the fall of 2006 and last year (2007) we had a total of 3 blooms. This was fine, surprising in fact that there were any at all after the upheaval of being transplanted half way across the country. This spring looks as if it will be a prolific season as there are at least 40 buds waiting to burst into ruffled finery. I probably planted the rhizomes too close together as it was a kind of lottery – “What will survive, what will not?” Seems we are on the winning end of that question and so I will need to spread them out later in the growing season.

The past few days have brought much excitement as we’ve watched the tight buds slowly unfurl. Today they exploded.

Iris exploding



  1. OH, I’m so glad you posted this here! I saw three of your photos at that other site, but I’m not logging-in anymore, so I couldn’t leave you any feedback.

    This time of year is just powerfully inspiring and filled with possibility and hope. Around here, the tress literally exploded in all kinds of flowers and fruits — wham! Spring is here! It feels so good, doesn’t it?

  2. Don’t you wish you could have been there, mini-cam poised and ready, to catch on film this tiny but wonderful spectacle of nature? I wonder what music you would put with the unfolding drama?

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