Posted by: trees143 | January 13, 2009

My Little Visitor

When we moved into this house, we decided to turn the front room into an office as it has wonderful windows that let in lots of light. There are two tall and narrow windows, one on each side of the center ones. I did not want to cover the entire area with curtains so we put up a vinyl window covering that looks like old fashioned stained glass.

I’ve noticed that for some reason we are being visited frequently by a female cardinal who lands on a branch outside one of the tall windows. She sits for a minute and then starts to act aggressively towards the glass. We’ve decided that she is trying to intimidate her reflection.

It is quite entertaining to watch her, and if there happens to be a cat close by, that adds to the moment tremendously as they will immediately go into pre-pounce pose with muscles tense and tail swishing. The smudges you see in these shots are dog nose prints because they also have to get in on the act if they’re around. Yep, it sure can be a circus here in our quiet little corner of Arkansas.



  1. I would love to sit at that window and watch your visitor.

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